Grout and Sealant

Grout Repairs

Do you have grout that is fading or becoming patchy?  Cleaning agents can have a detrimental effect on grout, weakening the bonding, causing cracking or sections to come loose. It is then important to act quickly otherwise water has a habit of penetrating the waterproof membrane behind the tiles and damaging your home’s structure, causing rot, swelling, bacteria, mould and possibly attracting termites.

Call Whitesands Bathroom Renovations and we will have a qualified tradesman on the job and you will back in your bathroom in 24 hours.


Grout Sealing

Grout is nearly impossible to keep clean. We can seal it so that dirt can’t impregnate the grout which also repels water preventing any future water absorption, keeping your grout lines easy to clean and maintain.

Silicon Replacement

No matter how often or hard you clean silicon joints, you can’t get rid of the mould that grows underneath. Two weeks later is simply returns. Once mould spores have been spread the only effective way of removing them is to replace the silicon. Our expert tradesmen can remove and replace the silicon between tiles and shower screen so that in 24 hours you are able to use your bathroom again.

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