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About Leif and Noa

Company directors, Leif Thomas and Ainhoa Ercoreca, have a combined 50 years experience in the disciplines of project and retail management. This level of experience assists in the development of a positive environment where the customer is able to feel comfortable and supported with their decision to begin one of the most expensive and intrusive processes to their house. We believe we are improving the standards and reputation of the renovation industry by providing a personal approach to every single renovation.  We achieve results by following strict principles of respect for our clients, their time and their property.

We quote fair and reasonable prices which directly reflect the clients gaining maximum value for money. Additionally we have open lines of communication before, during and after the project is finished. This includes the company directors being at the project on day one and the last day of the project to ensure clients’ expectations and satisfaction are understood and met.

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Our Team

team photo-Bathroom Renovations Margaret River- 0402 521 952
team photo for whole company-Bathroom Renovations Margaret River- 0402 521 952