Our Employment Philosophy


  1. Whitesands development programmeat whitesands bathroom renovations engage elderly australians and australians with mental and physical disabilities to work within the business. Every person has the right to contribute their abilities to society and enter into or re-enter into the work placewe will ensure that every person that we choose to join out team are provided with every chance to succeed at their chosen occupation and each persons training model will be developed to ensure the maximum opportunity to succeed and excelevery problem or obstacle that arises will be assessed on it own merits and given every opportunity to given a chance to be provided with a solution.
  2. State emergency serviceleif thomas managing director has been an active member of the augusta margaret river state emergency service for just under 10 years.
  3. River angelswhitesands bathroom renovations has been an active contributor to the margaret river angels which is a community organisation that provides food, and housing maintenance to families that suffer from cancer. Whitesands has provided a full bathroom renovation to a family in kudardup and a bathroom alteration to a family in margaret river.
  4. Free hour fridaywhitesands bathroom renovation has commenced a free community service for people in need for one hour on a friday afternoon. This service was bourne from an idea based upon winding down a hard working week by giving an hour to do some house maintenance fro someone who is unable to do it themselves.